I have a critical problem: all actions in simulation stopped working yesterday. Before yesterday everything was OK.

Also I have some minor problems:

1. All tables are shown as wireframes in simulation, regardless on the theme that I selected for the plot.

2. Run simulation feature is not working (Ubuntu 11.10). Progress dialog is showing, then nothing happens.

3. All links from ForeUI menus and dialogs are not working. Default browser (Google Chrome) opens with empty page, then nothing happens.

See my plot here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9ehwid

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P.S. If I remove the dialog window from the plot, actions work again.


Fixed. I removed actions from dialog window, and all other actions are now working. I think there was an error in some action description in dialog window.


But the other problems I mentioned here are still exist: some features are not working at Linux (Ubuntu 11.10)


Hello max,

I’ve checked your plot file and I confirmed there was an error on your “TextBox_4” action declaration: the quotation marks are missing for “command line” string.

I added the quotation marks and the plot works again. Fixed plot can be downloaded here: http://www.foreui.com/misc/tmp/zdisco…

Since Chrome is relatively new browser, we need to work more to support it in the future. I guess the browser could open the links if you use JRE 6 or above (not 100% sure yet).

As for the other two minor problems you mentioned, I don’t have Ubuntu 11.0 on hand to test, so I’d like you to confirm if the problem still persist when you use the fixed plot?


ViVi, thanks for your reply. I’m glad that the critical issue was my fault, not a bug in the product.

But I think that three other problems I’ve pointed are product bugs, because all three don’t depend on particular plot. If I create new blank plot, put a single button on a page and run simulation, it doesn’t work. And if I click any item in “Help” menu, it just opens an empty page in a browser. The tables issue is also plot-independant: tables look different in simulation comparing with ForeUI or PDF/PNG output.

I’ve got Sun JRE 6.25 installed. If you wish to reproduce these bugs, you can get Ubuntu 11.10 at http://www.ubuntu.com/, make a bootable USB flash drive and run it on any Windows PC without installing.


We will make a bootable USB stick to check it.

Meanwhile could you show us a screenshot of the table on your system? During the simulation, the table is not 100% the same than what it looks like in editing mode, because of some technical limitations.


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