I would like to jump in one project back to the page I came from. E.g.: Page 4 is Detail view and I can come to there from side 1, 2, and 3 (all different). Is it possible that I can jump back to side 1 or 2 or 3 in relation of where I clicked to the link?

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You can make this happen with some custom events. I use two: the first remembers what page you came from, and the second will return you to that page. I have these two custom events setup in just a tiny square that I put on the master page of my plot:

So to actually use them, just call “setReturnToPage” before you go to page 4. Then call “returnToPage” when you want to go back. Works great!


Hi Mark,

thanks for the quick answer.

As I am quite unfamiliar with creating custum events, please allow me some questions:

I have to create the custom events on the masterpage as page action?

I tried it, and I get

Where do I have to call (with what event) the returnToPage thing?

Hope my question is understandable.


Yep, you can put the custom events on the master page as a page action, that should work fine.

You need to call “setReturnToPage” right before going to the common page. So if you had a button on page 1 that was taking the user to page 4, in the actions for that button you would have:

1) Trigger “setReturnToPage” custom event

2) Go to page 4

You’d want to do that same thing every time you are going to page 4, the common page.

Then on page 4, if you had a button that would take you back to whatever page you started from, the actions would look like this:

1) Trigger “returnToPage” custom event

That’s it! I submitted a quick working example to the “Resource Sharing” section of ForeUI; whenever it gets approved, you should be able to find it there to refer to.


Many Thanks! Works in my example.

Only one more question: Where can I find the “Recource Sharing” section of ForeUI?

Best regards


It’s a button in the lower-left corner of the ForeUI window, under “Manage Categories”.


Thanks Mark, your solution is quite good. Thanks for the contribution 🙂


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