Often I would like to perform simple math or a common Java function in order to make the mockups seem more ‘alive’ and responsive in the case of usability testing. Right now I tend to set dummy values and show/set them based upon predetermined input. It would be much more compelling to show input being processed and spit out in an intelligent manner. It would also tell us if our testers are actually getting what they expect out of our usability tests instead of giving them canned data. Has there been any consideration for implementing a Math-based operation (along the lines of “go to page” or “operate on element”) or even providing an ‘open’ Java box to be treated much like custom actions?

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Hi Barnett, thanks for the suggestion.

If you just need to do some simple calculations, you can do it with the “Set Global Property Value” action. You can put your calculations in the “New Value” field, and you can access the result via the defined property.

Does it make sense for you?


Yea, I think the level of calculation I’m looking for is achievable that way.


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