I like the way, I can select an element from the “element picker”. However, when your prototype gets filled with different elements on top of each other, it would be great to somehow pick the element from a list in stead. I espacially find the groups hard to pick in the “element picker”.

Tree structure

I imagine something like a tree structure that I can open instead of the “element picker”:

+ Windows

+ Groups

+ TextEdit boxes and Text labels

+ Tables

+ Checkmarks and radiobuttons

+ Images

+ …

+ …

Combined with the rather new possibility to name the elements, it might make it easier to find the element you are looking for.

Does that make any sense?

Some sort of a search function

Imagine a text input field. You type e.g. “gr” and in a list below all the different groups are listed, and you can choose the one you want. By typing “rec”, you would get a list of all rectangles…

How about you implement both? ;o)

And maybe I should begin making a prototype in ForeUI… :o)

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It is a good idea, we will implement this interesting feature, with both tree structure and search function :-)

BTW, the element list on the left side has a “Filter” input field, it is very similar with the search function you mentioned.


This feature is implemented in V1.75


Thanks. It’s a nice feature! However, I really miss it when designing the behaviour of the elements. When pointing out which element to operate on, it would be a great help to the selector.

  1. Yes it will be helpful, we will implement that.

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