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ForeUI V3.60 is Released

ForeUI V3.60 is now released. This version brings you the official support of multi-threading simulation, new action for string processing and new option to show/hide non-current pages in the online view. Please read the details below:

Multi-Threading Simulation

You may already know that Javascript runs in single thread. If you write Javascript manually, you will pay extra efforts to simulate multi-threading. When your scenario becomes complicated, simulating parallel tasks will become more and more difficult, and sometimes even not doable. Before V3.60, we could use this workaround to simulate the multi-threading. Now we have the official solution: the new “Parallel Branching” flow control allows you to run multiple tasks parallelly.

Here is a video that demonstrate an HTML5 animation that uses this new feature. You may also run it on your own browser.

Text String Processing

When you store the custom property as string type, it will be converted to string variable during the simulation. So you can always use the Javascript built-in functions for string processing. However, not everyone is familiar with Javascript APIs, and some ForeUI users are not programers. An easier way for string processing will be very useful, so here it comes.

The new “Grab Value from Property” action provides what you want. You simply specify an property as input string, which could be a custom property, element property or system property; then you choose whether to trim the white characters and/or tags, and maybe specify the range of position so you just grab part of the string, finally save what you get in a custom property for future usage.

Instead of grabbing the content from input string, you can also take the length of content, just choose “Length of Content” from the “Grab Value” drop-down list.

This new action will be very useful for processing the result of “Get JSON Object” and “Get Remote Content” actions, since the data returned from Internet may contain white characters and tags, and you may want to check if it really contains what you want.

Show/Hide Non-Current Pages in Outline View

Outline view can show you what elements are stored in every page. However if your plot is complex, you may want to show only the current page content in the outline view. This could be achieved by turning on the new option on the bottom of the outline view:

Other Changes

In V3.60, we make a lot of efforts to optimize the performance of Table element (in simulation). We are happy to announce that we have accelerated the action for appending/inserting/deleting table row, and the speed to perform the same operation is increased for more than 500%! What’s more, selecting row/column/cell within the Table is also speed up for 300%+! So the Table in the HTML5 simulation is much more responsive now.

We also fixed some bugs in this update, please check out the update history for more details.

ForeUI V3.0 RC Released!


ForeUI 3.0 RC version is just released.  As the last version before V3.0 official release, this version tend to be stable and offer much better experience.  We don’t plan to add new feature in the official release of 3.0, instead we will include the completed document and have some bugs fixed.

We have made so many improvements in this version that I could not introduce them one by one.  A full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixings can be found here.  In this blog post, I would like to show you the most interesting part of this update.

ForeUI Store

From this version, ForeUI integrates with its new online resource store.  You can download new element, library or plot file from store window, or from the store web site.  You will be able to download new UI theme and ForeUI plugins from the same site in the future.

Clicking the category buttons on top can filter the items to be listed.  You can also search the item by tag via the search box on top right corner.  If you click the “Preview” button, the HTML 5 simulation of the item will be launched in your web browser, and you can see how it works.  Clicking on the “Download” button will download the item and deploy it (if needed).

The store is just online and there is not so much resource inside yet.  We will frequently add new resources into the store site.

Drag and Drop in Outline View

The outline view is significantly improved by supporting drag and drop elements directly.  This is an easy way to embed element into container, or move embedded element from one container to another.

When you drag an element and try to drop it into a container, the tool-tip will tell you if it is allowed.  So you will know what you can do and what you can’t, also you will know why.  This feature is extremely useful when you want to manage a lot of overlapped elements.

Other New Stuffs

There are many other new things in this version.  Don’t be surprised if you find something different than they used to be.  Ususally they are changed in a better way, but if you think they are not, please feel free to tell us.

If you are interested in what we exactly did in this version, please check out the update history page.