Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce that the ForeUI blog is started now!

About two weeks ago, we decide to give ForeUI a go.  ForeUI will be a very user friendly desktop tool, which can help prototying the UI of new software (or website). 

I have evaluated some similar tools before, but I think they are too “specialized”, they will be quite understandable for programmers, but not for non-technical persons.   The truth is, the UI prototype of new product may come from our clients, our boss, our art design experts or somebody else, all people may need to sit together and discuss the use cases.  So a common prototyping tool for all these people is needed, and it should be friendly to both technical people and non-technical people.

So I  insist on pushing ForeUI.  I believe ForeUI will create a bridge between technical expects and non-technical persons.  Since it will be developed with Java, it can be used on Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac platform, it can also be used in web browser as a Java applet.