ViVi just finished a quick tutorial on how to make working prototype, the example inside may be too simple to advanced users but really useful to beginners.  So, if you are new user of ForeUI and want to create interactive mockups, please don’t miss this totorial.

It has been mentioned several times that we need to provide the help document, yet we have such a long TODO list at this time, and there are many important features to be implement,  so we can only allocate very limited bandwidth for documentation at this phase.   My friends, before we publish the help document, you can ask for support in our support forum, we will response very quickly (yet please consider the timezone, we are in GMT+8 :D)

In our schedule, the next version of ForeUI (V1.50) will be released on 21st, August.  Again there will be many interesting updates, I think I can disclose something today;)

One interesting new feature is to allow creating your own element library (requested by Ari), that will ease the management of customized element.  We also have a plan to allow sharing libraries via internet.

The Bug_0079 reported by Ulrich Böttger will be fixed, also we will fix another similar bug on Text Edit Box. 

There will be many other updates, but I can not disclose here.  I don’t like to keep you  guessing, but those things are not confirmed yet, so let’s wait and see :).

A~ha~ It seems like my first post without any figure…