It tooks a little long for this update but we believe it is just worth it.  So let’s see what’s new in this version.

Master Page

From now on, ForeUI supports master pages.  What is master page?  Well you can regard it as a “background” page which can be referenced by other pages.  All pages that use master page will inherit the content of it (including the behavior).  ForeUI makes things much simpler:  any page can be used as a master page; the master page can have its own master page too.


In the editing area, the content of master page will be painted in 40% transparent channel.  The cotent within master page can not be selected or edited directly, you need to switch to the master page for editing.

We’ve refactorred the “multipage.4ui” and “website_simulation.4ui” examples and use the master pages to simplify the design.

Element ID Editing

Now ForeUI allows you to change the id of the element.  It seems to be a simple feature yet we did a lot of work on it.  We’ve changed the machanism to generate the element id, and make the id format more simple.


Improved Window Element

Window elements become interactive for simulation now.  You can drag the window and place it on different location, and you can click its “x” button to close (hide) it.  We’ve made an example named “drag_window.4ui” to demonstrate this, you can also run its simulation in web browser.

Also the window element can have icon on its title bar now.window

Smaller Calendar Element

Previously the calendar element can not be smaller than 200×200, but now you can resize it to 120×120.  You can see its text content also changed since the space is not sufficient.calendar

Other Enhancements

  • Remember the behavior editor window size.
  • Allow changing the group’s z-index.
  • Move configure date to the preference folder.
  • Change GroupFrame minimun size to 20×20.

Fixed Bugs

  • Bug_0085: “Selected & Disabled” radio button or checkbox gets enabled on hover.
  • Bug_0086: Should ignore elements with lower z-index when move or show/hide element with “Include elements within the area” option.
  • Bug_0087: Go to page action on first page loaded does not work.