Hello all, today we released the V1.05 of ForeUI!   This version bring us two new features:  multiple pages support and version checking.  Four bugs are also fixed in this version.

Multiple Pages

Now we can create several pages mockup within a plot.  You can click the pages button at the bottom to launch the pages management:


After clicking this button, the pages management window will popup:


We can add, duplicate, rename, move and delete the page here.  The pages can be organized with flat or hierachical structure.  The hierachical structure is very suitable for website mockups, since it looks like a site map.  This version also enclosed a new sample mockup: multipage.4ui.  It is a website mockup and contains 6 pages:



Update Checking

Now we can check the update from menu “About->Check Update…”.  Hope people check it frequently 🙂

Fixed Bugs

Bug_0030: The text editor may be trimmed.

Bug_0037: Floating tool pane may cover the selected elements.

Bug_0038: Image id display incorrect in floating tool pane.

Bug_0040: Elements should be aligned to the lead selection.