As the first update after the long leave, this version includes 14 bug fixings.  Although no new feature is provided, the following news is still exciting: A brand new ForeUI document is available!

New Online Document

As usual you can launch the document via the menu “Help->Online Help Content”, that will bring you to the ForeUI document page.  But you will see the content of the page has been changed completely.  The new document introduce all things about ForeUI systematically.  No matter you are beginner or advanced user, you will find the document very helpful.

ForeUI Online Document

Bug Fixings

14 bugs have been fixed in this update.

  • Bug_0146: If a folder is nested under a page, it can not be removed. (Thank r10k for the reporting)
  • Bug_0147: There is a delay when start drag selecting. (Thank r10k for the reporting)
  • Bug_0148: The height of Calendar header is significantly reduced in simulation if the calendar is big.  (Thank Remco Douma for the reporting)
  • Bug_0149: Double-click the image in group can not change its image source.
  • Bug_0150: Group member A covers B, B may be hidden if A is set to invisible in simulation.
  • Bug_0151: Can not get the specific cell value of table in simulation.  (Thank Justin for the reporting)
  • Bug_0152: Empty table body can not be painted in simulation.  (Thank Abhishek Misra for the reporting via email)
  • Bug_0153: When dragging window element that contains element group, the group members can not be moved correctly.
  • Bug_0154: The entired Window element are draggable in simulation, it should be limited to header only.
  • Bug_0155: Select a group and press Ctrl+D, that allows adding behavior to group (which should be disabled).
  • Bug_0156: Should not allow deleting the page if all other pages are nested under it.
  • Bug_0157: If page B is nested under page A, remove page A, then undo will meet error.
  • Bug_0158: “Change State” action is not listed for TextEditBox element.
  • Bug_0159: Invisible element in group should be painted semi-transparently in design phase.

Slight Enhancement

 This version also include a slight enhancement: move the “From Image File…” menu item to top when choosing image.  This is requested by Ulrich and we think it is reasonable: moving cursor to the bottom may trigger the icon libraries dispaly one by one, which is annoying.