Hello everyone, ForeUI V2.47 is out today and you can download now.  There are many new features and enhancements included in this version.  Please read on.

Exchange Data with Outside World

Now ForeUI can exchange data with external applications via clipboard.  You can copy image from any application and paste it into ForeUI as an ImageBox element; you can also copy the selected elements in ForeUI and paste them as an image into other drawing applications.

What’s more, you can directly drag image or plot file into ForeUI now.  The image file will be converted to an ImageBox element if you drag it to the editing area.  If you drag an image file into the image dock, it will be stored there.  Dragging a plot file to editing area or the tabs for plot will load the plot in ForeUI immediately.

More Powerful Actions

Now you can use properties in the “Pause a While” action, that means the delay time can be changed during the simulation.

What’s more, you can use properties in the loop:

Another enhancement is that you can change the size of ImageBox during the simulation:

And you can specify the target window for “Visit URL” action now:

Specify the Plot’s Default Font

From now on, you can specify the default font for every plot in the plot configure window:

The actual font for element rendering will be determined by the process below:

Reduce Redundant Files in DHTML

In previous versions, all ImageBox elements will be exported as a PNG files, even if they all link to the same image in image dock.  Now we reduce the redundant files, if multiple ImageBox elements link to the same image, only one PNG file will be exported for their references.

This enhancement will gain a very good result if many ImageBox elements are used in the plot.  Below is a comparison between the DHTML for “Fwitter.4ui” by V2.45 and V2.47:

Move Element Out of Bounds

From this version, you can move element out of the plot’s bounds.  You can turn on / off this in the settings window (default is on)

Other Enhancements:

  • Improve image dock rendering performance.
  • Auto add backslash before ” or ‘ when editing message of User Decision branching and Show Message action.
  • Generate log files to user’s directory.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Bug_0240: Line and Arrow Line elements can not be displayed in V2.45.
  • Bug_0241: Right-clicking element which is placed over a container (to bring out context menu), the element should not be embedded.
  • Bug_0242: Text element editor does not select all editable content when show up in V2.45.
  • Bug_0243: Move embeded element to upper/lower layer, may duplicate the element.
  • Bug_0244: If custom element contains embedded element, creating multiple instances of the custom element may cause duplicated ids.
  • Bug_0245: Sometimes the element id in action expression is not replaced correctly when doing copy/paste or creating custom element instance.