Here is a good news: ForeUI alpha version is released!  This version of ForeUI has most features in our list, you can make mockup, save it to .4ui file (zip format actually, just change the name), export it to png image… 

There is still a key feature missing: theme switching.  Let me explain what it is,  the default theme is wireframe (as you can see now), we will provide Windows theme, Mac theme and Java theme latter.  We can design the mockup with any theme, and we can change the theme at any time.  That means we can preview the UI effect on Window, Mac OS or Java for the same UI design!

ForeUI Aplha Demo

The alpha version can be download from the links below.  If you are using Windows and you are not sure if you have JRE5+ installed, please download the Windows Installer, it will take care everything and make sure you can launch the software.  If you download the minimal package, you need to install JRE by yourself.

Enjoy it! Please don't forget to give me your feedback;)