ForeUI is an easy-to-use UI prototyping tool, designed to create mockup / wireframe / prototypes for any application or website you have in mind.

Archive for July, 2010

ForeUI V2.37: Enhanced Tabs and Embedded Elements Listing


Dear friends, since we will start our summer holidays from next Monday, we decide to release this version today.  The most interesting feature is to allow using Tabs or Vertical Tabs element as a container, which is reqested many times.

Enhanced Tabs & Vertical Tabs

Prior to this version, we need to define quite complex logic to show / hide content according to the current selected tab.  Now we can use tabs much easier.  Just like other containers, you can press right mouse key to drag an element into the Tabs or Vertical Tabs.  Each tab can accept an element, if you want to embed multiple elements into a tab, just group them together before embedding.  What’s more, you can directly click on the tab to select it.

Also you can specify the padding of the container (supported by Tabs, Vertical Tabs and Scrollable Container):

List Embedded Elements in Selector

If you are working on a complex mockup, you may feel hard to pick an embedded element from nested containers.  From this version, the embedded elements are listed in the Element Selector window.  Thus you can pick any embedded element from the element tree:

As you can see the text color of  embeded elements are blue.  You can click on the item and select/unselect the element.  Some embedded elements are gray and not selectable, that’s because it is hidden by its container.  For example, an element in the non-current tab are hidden by the Tabs container, it will become selectable once its owner tab become the current tab of the Tabs container.

Action to Set Spinner Value

It is a small feature, a new action that can set the value of Spinner element in simulation.

Bug Fixings:

  • Bug_0221: Clicking the “ok” button to close inline editor for any element, hotkeys can not work for this plot. (Thanks Tim, Jason.Gaudette and Craig for reporting)
  • Bug_0222: Copy and paste any element, then right click the empty area of the plot, the context menu for page is now shown.  (Thanks Tim for reporting)

Summer Holidays

We are going to start our summer holidays from next week, and it will last 1 month. Xavier and I will still allocate about 50% bandwidth to work in a “lite” mode for technical support or document writing.  So the support forum and our email will still work, so don’t hesitate to talk to us.

We will release ForeUI V2.37 today, and skip an update after two weeks, so the V2.40 will be most probably released after one month.

ForeUI V2.35: Interactive Spinner and New Hotkeys


Hello everyone, ForeUI V2.35 is available now 🙂  This new version makes the Spinner (or say: stepper) element interactive, which allow you to specify its value in simulation.  Also this version introduces some new hotkeys to accelerate the manipulation.  7 bugs are fixed.

Interactive Spinner (Stepper)

This element existed from the first version of ForeUI, but it was not interactive until now.  You can enter all allowed values of the spinner (one row one value), and specify the current value in editing mode.  Then you can really interact with the spinner in simulation, you can click the small up and down buttons to change its value, you can also retrieve its current value via the “value” property of the element.

Interactive Spinner

You will find a new property for the current value of the spinner:

New Hotkeys

From this version ForeUI supports the hotkeys below:

  • Ctrl+W (Command+W in Mac OS): Close the current editing plot.
  • Ctrl+I (Command+I in Mac OS): Show/hide image dock.
  • Ctrl+L (Command+L in Mac OS): Show/hide display controller.
  • Ctrl+E (Command+E in Mac OS): Show/hide element selector.
  • Ctrl+G (Command+G in Mac OS): Show/hide global property manager.
  • Enter or F2:  Start editing the selected element.

New ComboBox Property

Like the spinner, the ComboBox element supports the “selectedText” property now.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Bug_0214: Some hotkeys (PageUp, PageDown, Left/Right/Up/Down etc.) do not work if any element editor is opened in another plot tab. (Thank Tim for the reporting)
  • Bug_0215: Table Editor: the highlighted table cell should not accept newly input content without double clicking the cell (JRE 6 only).
  • Bug_0216: Dragging LineChart, BarChart or PieChart element to the editing area, no semi-transparent preview is displayed.
  • Bug_0217: Table element is not using “Comic Sans MS” as the default font in “Hand Drawing” UI theme.  (Reported by Jota Eme)
  • Bug_0218: Wrong page titles in Slid Show when using excluded folders. (Thank Jota Eme for the reporting)
  • Bug_0219: Error happens when selecting the last item and then remove the item. (exist in list, tree, menu, menu bar and tabs)
  • Bug_0220: Should allow specifying icon of Vertical Tabs in the floating tool pane.