Hello my friends, today we just released ForeUI V1.77!  This version bring us a new Arrow Line element and some interesting features / enhancements.

Arrow Line

The Arrow Line element is in our TODO list for a long time, and today we finally make it.   Arrow Line is very useful for making annotation on wireframe / mockups, so it is added to the “Annotation” category.


The new Arrow Line element provides many useful options for tweaking, you can change its color, thickness, shape and size etc.  The animation below shows the details:


Alternate Row Color for Table/List/Tree

Now you can specify the alternate row color for table, list or tree element.  Here is an animation to show how to do this:


This feature is requested by  Michael Matti, thanks for the good idea!

Color Picker Enhancement: Clear Color

We’ve made a small enhancement of Color Picker, so it can clear the editing color now. 


Just click the new button on the top-right corner can clear the current editing color.  This feature is only available for “optional color”, for now only alternate row color belongs to this category.  Once you clear the alternate row color, it’s actual value may vary according to the UI themes.

Fixed Bugs:

Bug_0111: Double-click the .4ui file to open ForeUI, sometimes it may hang.  (Reported by Michael ScolaVisa, thanks!)
Bug_0112: The group element can not be smaller than 20×20, ignoring its content’s actual size.
Bug_0113: Press Page Up/Down to switch page should not scroll the plot as well. (Reported by Ulrich Bottger, thanks!)