ForeUI V1.10 bring us three interesting features:

Slide Show

Now we can view our screen mockups with full-screen slide show, we can even make some annotations on it.  The figure below shows how it looks like:


PDF Exporting

We can now export our design to PDF file, which is more easy to distribute.

Multiple States

Now most elements support multiple states.  For example, you can set the button within the mockup to a “disabled”  state.

buttons_wf buttons_xp buttons_mac

This version also make some enhancements. For example, a progress dialog will show up when performing I/O actions; The tool bar will become scrollable if the window is not big enough.

Two bugs are fixed:

[Bug_0042] Pages list should auto-scroll to make new added item visible.

[Bug_0043] Plot with empty page can not save.