Today ForeUI V1.57 is released!  This version mainly focus on the bug fixings, yet a few new features and enhancements are also included.

Enhancements for Mac OS X

From this version we associate .4ui file with ForeUI in Mac OS X, that means you can double click any .4ui file and open it in ForeUI.  We also make so GUI tuning for Mac OS X in this version, such as hiding the black border when dragging element to the plot area, changing some buttons’ size etc.


Display Settings Tab

Now the settings window contains one more tab: Display.  It allow you to specify the way to paint the invisible elements and the master pages in the editing area.


Window Draggable On/Off

In V1.55 we implemented the dragging simultion for window element, however we realize that the window dragging is not always required, so we make it configurable.  The default value is off, thus the old sample plot will work as they were.


Get Text Value During the Simulation

Now we can get the value of Text element during the simulation.  This feature existed in Text Edit Box for a long time, now the Text element finally have this.


Fixed Bugs:

Bug_0088: Duplicated page may have repeated element ids for same kind of elements.
Bug_0089: Tabs element has no default selected index value in simulation.
Bug_0090: Progress bar freezes when trying to save customized element.
Bug_0091: After dragging image from image dock to replace the image on element, the cursor can not restore.
Bug_0092: Invisible element on window element is shown when window is close.